HVAC graduates in Florida are trained in two ways: classroom training and on-the-job-training. The main objective is to allow students to be exposed in both real-life HVAC problems and theories. There are schools that offer HVAC courses with associate degrees or certificate degrees. You may opt to enroll online or offline depending on your preference. Here are The HVAC Schools in Florida offering the program.

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Florida Career College aims to provide graduates Quality Education. They have considered employer’s requirements in HVAC employment and have applied these factors in their teaching methods to ensure that graduates are qualified to have and enjoy better and viable career opportunities ahead.

There are two types of programs to choose from: the 9-Month Program (HVAC) and the 12-Month Program (Residential/Commercial HVAC).

1. 9-Month Program (HVAC) – Graduates are given instructional and hands on lab simulation training in preparation for an entry-level employment in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. The 9-Month program prepares graduates to earn two types of certification:


  • EPA Section 608 Certification for Stationary Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – this certification is a requirement for HVAC graduates to complete the said program.


  • Universal R-410A Safety Training and Certification – this certification is not a requirement to complete the 9-Month Program, but graduates are encourage to obtain them.

2. 12 Month Residential/Commercial HVAC – This program provides graduates lessons on HVAC commercial application including topics such as balancing and testing air systems, low and high pressure boilers and equipment on top of the training included in the 9-month program. This enable graduates to gain two important HVAC certification:


  • EPA Section 608 Certification for Stationary Air Conditioning and Refrigeration – which is a requirement for the completion of the program.


  • Universal R-410A Safety Training and Certification – not required for the completion of the program but graduates are strongly encouraged to have.

You can find other campus locations for Florida Career College in Kendall, Margate, Hialeah, FCC Anthem Orlando, West Palm Beach, Lauderdale Lakes, and Jacksonville.

Fortis Institute offers a wide variety of career education and training programs including HVACR with campuses in Port St. Lucie, Mulberry and Palm Springs

Fortis Institute prepares graduates to an entry-level employment in the HVAC industry as HVAC Technician or also known as HVAC mechanics/installers. With the complexity of today’s system related to commercial refrigeration, air conditioning and other equipment, graduates at Fortis Institute undergo training in computerized diagnostics.

Lincoln College of Technology offers interactive learning method for HVAC program, which means students are performing the job even before working as an HVAC technician. Classes may be undertaken during the day or at night. Financial aid is also given to qualified students.  You may visit the West Palm Beach campus for details.

Southern Technical College offers programs in Applied Electronics Technology major in HVAC. The advantage of studying in this school is that they handle classes in small number to ensure individualized approached in teaching. You can choose between morning and evening classes for your hands-on HVAC training so there is no reason for any one not to graduate if they have that desire. Their campuses are conveniently located within the cities of Auburndale, Mount Dora, Orlando and Sanford.

They also offer financial assistance for qualified students who really wants to earn a degree. They are also committed to support graduates in finding excellent job through their Career Placement Assistance.

Penn Foster Career School and Ashworth College is a school for people who seek up-to-date learning and skill development in HVAC. Considered as one of the largest and most affordable online school for accredited HVAC courses, students are honed to have the right skillset and are prep to become qualified for high paying and fast growing companies in the HVAC industry.

Since the courses for the HVAC program are offered online, graduates can maximize the use of their study time and study materials because they are free to either study faster and harder or not.

Average Salary for HVAC Technicians in Florida

The average salary for HVAC technician in Florida is $42,000 which is 6% lower than the average salaries nationwide. Employers in Florida are searching for HVAC technician with entry level training to HVAC consultants to lead technicians for both commercial and residential building requirements. For better competency in this field, you may want to consider taking the EPA certification and other available licensing and certification offered in the state of Florida.