The work of an HVAC Technician and Specialist is to ensure that Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning units always function well as breakdowns and damages are apt to arise overtime.

How does one exactly become an HVAC Technician? What should one Expect from the process? There are quite a few things a person has to meet, remember and go through before becoming a fully-pledged technician.

What are The Requirements?

Becoming a HVAC Technician does require a certain set of requirements from a person. Education-wise, hopefuls need only pass high school and possess passing grades in their subjects like Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics.

In addition, a person needs to be familiar with how HVAC systems work and their different parts though some do not require this in order to be legible for training.

Character-wise, a person must possess the willingness to work under extreme and uncomfortable conditions as these would be the scenarios they would face in the future.

There are some training schools that also require that a person be proficient in mechanics, blueprint reading and mechanical drawing.

What Training is Needed to Become an HVAC Technician?

There are two different phases a person has to undergo through before becoming a full-pledged technician:

  1. The first option is to attend a vocational or technical school where a person learns all the basics and theories of HVAC repairs and other services through a formal classroom setting. These vocational courses take time before a person is deemed knowledgeable in the field. Depending on the curriculum, a HVAC course can last from several months to even years.
  2. The other method is through becoming an apprentice of a licensed HVAC Technician. Though not as formal as a training course, this method allows a person to quickly get hold of the basics of HVAC services while also applying them in actual scenarios. Plus, apprentices get paid at a discount rate which means they are earning while they are still honing their skills.

While Training, a person can also learn different HVAC specializations. This is for the reason that there are various HVAC types that need to be handled differently. With that, a person is given several options on what services or HVAC units they can specialize on when they become licensed technicians.

What is The HVAC Certification?

The HVAC Certification, or the EPA Section 8 Certification to be exact, is a requirement that all hopeful HVAC Technician should possess in order to be able to render services. This is for the reason that the Environmental Protection Agency requires a person to be completely competent and capable of opening and working with a container of refrigerant without running the risk of exposing it to the atmosphere.

Due to the potentially dangerous nature of the work, only fully licensed HVAC Technicians are allowed to work HVAC systems of all types. There are several levels of certification a person has to pass in order to be liable to render services. These are:

Type I Certification

This is granted to technicians who are capable of servicing small appliances like vending machines, air conditioners and domestic refrigerators.

Type II Certification

Type II Certification is granted to technicians who possess the ability to service and dispose of equipment with high pressure refrigerants such as large air conditioners, heat pumps and supermarket and industrial refrigeration.

Type III Certification

This is granted to technicians who can handle low pressure refrigerants like chillers.

Universal Certification

This is granted to all HVAC Technicians who possess the ability to deal with and service various HVAC systems, units and refrigerants.

How Does an HVAC Technician get employed?

Once becoming a full-pledged HVAC Technician, the various opportunities for a person is quite endless. They have the option of entering into various firms, industries and businesses as either the licensed HVAC Technician or part of a team. If they underwent apprenticeship, they have the added advantage of being immediately employed by the company they were once an apprentice.

Apart from being an employed technician, they have the option of opening their own HVAC Servicing Business. This way, they can take on various HVAC jobs for clients in their local area.

There are Various Ways an HVAC Technician can get themselves easily employed:

  • Secure all Important Documents: presenting files like a High School Diplomas, Certificates from your School and Apprentice Company, and the License will tell the employer what a person has gone through, their specialization, and their experience.
  • Undergo Apprenticeship or On-The-Job-Training: Even with formal education, employers prefer applicants with practical experience as this would lessen their training expenses. With that, it’s best to secure an Apprenticeship or an On-the-Job-Training under the supervision of a licensed and competent HVAC Technician. This way, you can easily go through application offers by various potential employers.

All in all, the process of becoming an HVAC Technician will take years to complete. However, one can enjoy the benefits of easy employment and commanding a high rate of pay when they become a fully licensed HVAC specialist.