Tuition cost of any HVAC training program depends on lots of factors. In this research we have tried to understand what determines it the most and give you a brief idea of what to expect.

Online vs. In-campus

When you will be looking through the school’s websites or talking to members of admission committee, you will notice that the difference between online HVAC programs and ground schools is very noticeable. The reason for that is clear. While online programs for the most part offer you theoretical training and assessment of your skills, technical schools that you need to attend will be offering more in-depth training with considerable practical aspect. Many of them have laboratories with HVAC equipment in place.

What is interesting, approximate course duration is the same – 5-6 months for a basic course that will allow you to begin as an HVAC technician.

For more advanced levels like Associate of Occupational Studies/Applied Science in HVAC or Bachelor of Science in HVAC, the cost is of course higher, and varies even more. For the first the cost is typically around $20,000-30,000 depending on the institution and training facilities it has. BSc degrees take 2 times more time to take (4 years) and therefore, cost more. Also, you before entering a Bachelor program you need to have Associate degree in HVAC already.

What is important to know is that curriculum of both online and in-campus HVAC programs is very similar since the main goal is to give you basic skill to apply on the job and prepare for the HVAC certification.

In order to get more info on tuition cost you will first need to find a school near you.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

First of all, we couldn’t find any scholarships for entry-level HVAC programs that take 1 year or less to accomplish. The reason is that most of them require you to show a good 3.0+ GPA after first year of study, as a basic requirement to apply. This is why school-based financial aid options are applicable for Associate degrees and Bachelor’s.

Anyway, the amount of this help can very between $1,000 and $3,000, depending on school.

Another option is to get help from private HVAC organization.