There are hundreds of HVAC schools in the United States, and sometimes future students find it hard to navigate through them. We understand that first of all you will be looking for training options in your state. This is why we’ve decided to come up with an extensive state-by-state guide that not only lists HVAC schools in a given state, but will also briefly describe the institutions, so that you can evaluate whether it will make sense to broaden your search criteria (yes, sometimes it makes sense to consider a school in neighboring state, for example) or quickly get an idea about the closest school available.

Please note that we not only included in-campus training opportunities, but also online, correspondence or hybrid HVAC schools.

Just click on your state below and look through the HVAC training programmes available:


Once you find the school you like in your state, the process will be fairly simple. We will help you to send you contact info to the school of your choice and members of admission office will be in touch shortly. They will answer all your questions about a program and assist in preparing  for admission.